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February 6, 2012

Final Scores

By Robert S. Duboff

A few reflections on grading the ads:

  • Very divergent views in USA Today, WSJ and NYTimes
    • However, unclear what standards each are using
    • USA Today viewer meters continues to trouble me because it always tilts to entertaining (if not gross) ads with animals, so we get more and more of those types of ads
  • My bias is toward ads which not only get attention (hard to do in a Super Bowl, especially if you are a car company this year), but have some motivational message
  • My scoring system was included in The Scoreboard posting last week

To be positive, I am only listing the grades of B+ and higher (and, because one of my sons works for Pepsi, I have excluded ads for Pepsi, Coke and other PepsiCo products).

The A's:

  • Sketchers 
  • Dannon Yogurt/Oikos
  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • Samsung Mobile

The B+'s

  • M&Ms
  • Fiat
  • Avengers
  • Act of Valor
  • Battleship
  • (unfortunately)
  • Best Buy
  • H&M
  • GE

The most wasteful ads, for me, were MetLife cartoon characters, the Bud Platinum ads (still unclear why we need the product nor why it deserved the Super Bowl platform for introduction) and Acura with Seinfeld and Leno for a product you can’t buy for years.

Click here to see all the Super Bowl ads.



Debbie Bender Llewelyn:

An interesting article about the fact that companies need not only worry about how effective their Super Bowl ads are, but also ensure they haven't spent over $3.5 million to offend potential customers!  It also references the fact that more companies are testing these ads pre-game via traditional and online focus groups (including using electrodes to see how different areas of the brain react)

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